About Us


First of all thank you for visiting our site, we hope you like it as much as much as we do. A lot of hard work has gone into our online store, but we haven’t stopped there, we continue to make changes and improve our site to bring you the best shopping experience we can.

On this page we would like to give you our story, a little bit of background on LS Living, but if you have any other questions that are not answered here or anywhere on our website then please visit our contact page and get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

Shopping has changed so much over the years, the days of the busy bustling high street  are unfortunately (in most towns) behind us. You no longer have to get in your car or take the bus to the shops, we can now do it in on the bus, the train, at work or in the comfort of our own home with a cuppa (or something a little stronger). You could say that the shopping experience has become less personal, less interaction and now just a simple transaction. But here at Live in Style we are doing our best to bring that back, we want to bring you the best service from start to finish and we don’t stop just after you send us your payment, if you buy from us once you are our customer for life, if there is anything you need we will do everything in our power to help.

We are a local independent family run business based in Billericay Essex, where we have a quirky gift shop and a furniture & homeware showroom. Just like our name we like to Live in Style and we think that you should too, so our team of happy buyers are always on the lookout to source the highest quality products at affordable prices in Home & Garden Furniture, Homeware and Gifts.

We source our products from all around the world, with well known trusted manufacturers who we have built strong relationships with. We also take pride in supporting local independent businesses who make unique handmade gifts and furniture.

We think there is something for everybody on this site, but if there is something you are after in particular and can’t quite find it then please get in touch via phone, email or visit our contact us page and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you again for visiting our site and happy shopping!


Our Best Wishes

The Live in Style Team 🙂